A day in the life of the studio, 2017

The RMIT Master of Communication Design program has a dedicated studio in Building 9 of RMIT’s city campus, in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. The studio has basic screen-printing facilities, large-format Epson inkjet printers, a two-colour Risograph duplicator, worktables, a small reference library, a few Macs, lots of Post-It® notes on the walls, a modest kitchen, a very nice coffee maker, a lot of natural light and a few plants. Most of the classes are held here, but students have 24/7 access, including during class times — there’s enough space to work around timetabled activities. It’s a hub of activity and so it’s sometimes a bit messier than we might like.
Travis took these photos. Here’s what he has to say about them:

  1. The notes about design ideas and daily inspirations in random order that only Kim herself can read, and unlocked the possibilities to her to rebind different ideas into a new one for future needs.

  2. Kim is paraphrasing her new publication concept for me, but both of us are not sure if those sentences make sense to other audiences, so we asked Dennis to help with while he is photocopying a book (max multitasking skills).

  3. Elloise is focusing on her research project, which is about custom typography, and planning a new series of screen-printed merchandise for her personal business, a ‘subscription service for printed design products’, called Graphic Fantastic.

  4. Andrew is leaving the studio with a nice coloured backpack behind. WAIT! WHO’S DAT! I mean, on the wall… Yes yes, Aimee and Travis:)

  5. Maryam, Žiga, Lorenzo, Rubinden and the sunshine teamed up an assignment squad.

  6. Pam and Wayne are preparing the questions for the interview assignment in the Service Design course.

  7. Laura and Aditi are discussing… an assignment, alright, an assignment again, we love assignments, all good.
    Images © Travis Tianxiao She.


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