Studio project: Broken Hill social enterprise, 2015

Broken Hill is a remote mining city in the Australian outback, in the far west of New South Wales. It lies amidst a rich landscape and has a strong local community that embraces the remoteness of the city's location. Its separation from major metropolitan centres creates a unique social fabric that embraces collecting and resourcefulness.
In 2015, led by staff member Russell Kerr, and in partnership with Broken Hill City Council, RMIT Master of Communication Design students proposed social enterprises that would legitimise a thriving sub-economy, known as ‘bootlegging’, that exists between locals who trade in home-made goods and services. Students travelled to Broken Hill in the semester break to work directly with the client and gather field research. The activities included a screen-printing workshop and a pop-up projection festival, and the outcomes included visual identities and entrepreneurial business plans with a social focus, to activate local sites and engage community stakeholders.
Studio project lead: Russell Kerr


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