Studio project: speculative rebranding of West Space, 2015

In 2015, RMIT Master of Communication Design students undertook a speculative redesign of the visual identity of West Space, a not-for-profit contemporary art space in Melbourne that provides an experimental and responsive platform for the development, exhibition and contextualisation of artists’ work. The project was undertaken in consultation with staff from the organisation, and whilst this experimental work was not implemented, the close collaboration was valuable for students and West Space staff alike.
West Space director Patrice Sharkey reflected on the experience: 'The rebranding exercise of West Space proved to be an extremely useful opportunity for thinking through how to best communicate our organisation's mission and ethos. We were presented with a range of highly sophisticated design ideas that were sensitive to the idea of West Space as a young and dynamic contemporary art space. The quality of the design projects ultimately led us to engaging one of the students on a number of design jobs at West Space.'
Images © Matthew Campisi, Joseph Johnson, Alexandra Kimpton & Hans Suhartanto
Studio project lead: Žiga Testen


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